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We connect with millions of Michiganders every day.

We’re inspiring them. Engaging them. Motivating them. isn’t alone. Being part of the USA TODAY Network empowers us to dig deeper into who your customers are and where they’re going. You get all of the benefits of a national network, AND the heart and dedication of a local partner.

Utilizing our PREMIER DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, we put you in front of the right audiences and keep you there through continuous optimization. (Right-click for full screen options)


Reach consumers where they are in ways they want.

Think about the times when you don’t have a mobile device in front of you … maybe in the shower, maybe when you’re sleeping. But let’s be honest, our mobile devices are never far from reach.

  • taps into 5.7 MM MONTHLY MOBILE USERS every month to help us build new ways to engage with audiences that are mobile first.
  • 34% of all monthly page views come from mobile, that’s 3,060,000 monthly page views on mobile devices, and the average mobile session lasts 11 minutes.
  • We’re committed to leading with mobile first across our new platforms and products both at the Network level and here in Michigan.

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Add a new dimension to storytelling here they are in ways they want.

OK, if mobile is everywhere, what can we do to make the connection even deeper? Let’s look at branded content first.

  • Branded content is one of the most effective ways to create a connection because people prefer to learn about products in ways that make sense to them – they read articles, they engage with content.
  • Leaning into this insight affords you an opportunity to build more effective messaging in places where the audience is more receptive.
  • Branded content has been shown to be three times as effective at driving intent.

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Bring your brand to life

  • Video is an important way in which we engage with audiences, and it’s a critical platform to showcase your message.
  • At, more than 580,000 unique viewers every month watch video on sites across our integrated platforms. Folks are coming to us and watching on average 2.3 million video views every month.
  • Across the USA TODAY Network, more than 100 million unique visitors come to our sites every month. We reach distinct audience segments at scale – from moms to millennials to boomers to professionals and beyond.

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Impact is everything!

  • Our high-impact digital portfolio offers powerful online advertising options that engage, involve and motivate customers with rich-media features like audio and video, animated elements and interactive live links.
  • These ads generate more clicks, drive more branded searches, draw more viewer interaction and create higher rsesponse rates than other online formats. That’s high impact!

Powerful Choices

High-impact ads are available in a variety of sizes and placement options:

  • Gravity Ads
  • Interactive Takeover Ads
  • Pushdown Ads
  • Transitional Ads
  • Hero Flip
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